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Home Made Ice Cream in Latgale

Dvietes Home Made Ice Cream is a family business, based on knowledge which was passed through generations about the milk and its hight quality. The main ingredient milk comes from the family farm. Ice cream is made without added sugar, from local and organic ingredients which are grown in the farm.

Family Stapkevic are working with farming since 1992. Farm's cowes graze in the meadows of Dvietes biologically valuable grasslands which gives the milk its unique taste. While enjoying your degustation of ice cream you have a wonderful possibility to have a walk in the farms garden or Dvietes meadows.

  • Home Made Ice Cream cafe:

Degustation of at least 8 seasonal ice creams in warm bubble wafer or French crepes. Enjoy the coffee or ice cream cocktail to it.

Degustation of the ice cream and excursion. Price 4.00 EUR/per pers.

Ice cream making workshop and warm ice cream degustation. Price 4.00 EUR/per pers.

Ice cream serving for corporate events.

Degustation of sea buckthorn-quince, blackcurrant, oatmeal, raspberry-basil, chicory, apple-lingonberries, rhubarb, mint, chocolate, vanilla and other 20 tastes which are changing accordingly the season.

Event Hall “Your Health Space” including healthy diet master class with nutrition specialist, preparation of tasty and healthy meals and degustations. During the master class the basics of a healthy diet will be explained. All event takes 2,5h for 10-20 participants. This event is suitable to children camps, working and corporative meetings and events. For booking event and premises call +371 29837858 or write to

You are welcome to rediscover the taste of ice cream in Dviete! You will have a possibility to visit our farm, take part in making an ice cream and tasting it!


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