For a long time, certifications for responsible practices and awards for superior taste have remained distinct - one honors social and environmental responsibility, while the other celebrates craftsmanship and flavor.


The Culinary Heritage Awards recognizes that truly good food and respect for culinary traditions - the kind of elements that brings people together and builds strong, sustainable communities - contains all of these ingredients. That's why Culinary Heritage Awards get entries from all over the world submitted each year!

Each year, Culinary Heritage organises the epic and globally recognised Culinary Heritage Awards event for the public and the trade to meet, celebrate, taste and buy from the Culinary Heritage Award winners - the exceptional food producers, chefs and restaurants that top the charts in a Blind Tasting and meet all the standards of the Culinary Heritage Awards.

We invite you to explore our standards, make a submission to your local Culinary Heritage secretariat and of course discover the winners of the 22 different categories. Join us in recognizing the contributions of Culinary Heritage food producers and chefs in the creation of a tasty, authentic and responsible food system that honors our culinary traditions.

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