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Annually, delegates from various regions within the Culinary Heritage network convene for their Annual Meeting, hosted in a different region each year to ensure broad participation and representation. One of the primary objectives is to offer this meeting at no cost to attendees, thereby maximising participation. This gathering is crucial for maintaining an up-to-date network and serves as an excellent opportunity for exchanging best practices pertinent to each region's unique challenges and strategies.

In parallel with the Annual Meeting, the Culinary Heritage Study Tour is organized as an additional feature, enriching the overall experience. This segment typically spans a few days and includes practical field trips within the host region. These excursions, which often coincide with major food-related events, allow visits to Business Members and provide firsthand insights into the local culinary scene.

These gatherings offer a valuable opportunity for network representatives to meet in a casual and friendly environment. The tours facilitate an informal exchange of knowledge and inspiration among participants, encouraging collaboration and learning. The Culinary Heritage Study Tours are open to all individuals interested in joining the network and contributing to its objectives.

The coordination and execution of the Annual Forum and the Culinary Heritage Study Tour are primarily the responsibility of the regional host, in collaboration with the Global Coordinator. These events not only strengthen the network but also showcase the host region to the rest of the network, highlighting its culinary culture and potential for collaboration.

Annual Meeting

2022 Pfalz, Germany (CH Study Tour)

2022 Latgale, Latvia (CH Study Tour) 

2021 Online (Pandemic)

2020 Online (Pandemic)

2019 Skåne, Sweden 

2019 Alanya & Gaziantep, Turkey (CH Study Tour) 

2018 Skåne, Sweden 

2018 Split-Dalmatia, Croatia (CH Study Tour)

2017 Wielkopolska, Poland  

2016 Oslofjord, Norway 

2015 Skåne, Sweden
2014 Kujawy I Pomorze, Poland
2013 Rügen, Germany 
2012 Pomorskie, Poland
2011 Sjælland, Denmark
2010 Skåne, Sweden
2009 Småland, Sweden
2008 Warmia Mazury, Poland
2007 Galicia, Spain
2006 Latgale, Latvia
2005 Öland, Sweden
2004 Aukstaitija, Lithuania
2003 Østfold, Norway

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