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Each year the representatives from the regions in Culinary Heritage are meeting up for the Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting is held in a selected region within the network. Annual Meeting circulates between the countries and regions as much as possible. The aim is to have the meeting for free for the participants - so as many as possible can be gathered as this is a important meeting for keeping the network up to date as well as its a great possibility for sharing practices on how to work in respective region.

In conjunction with the Annual Meeting the Culinary Heritage Study Tour is added as an added value as well. The study tour is often a couple of days of "practical" field trips in the specific region with visits to the Business Members and sometimes we are lucky enough to have them in conjunction with some other big food related event in the area as a surplus.

During these days the network representatives have a great opportunity to be able to meet each others in a natural and relaxed way. During the tours the people within the network can share knowledge and inspire each other in a good way in a more unofficial way. All that are interested in the network are welcome to join the Culinary Heritage Study Tours!

Annual Forum and the Culinary Heritage Study Tour in conjunction are primarily organised by the regional host in cooperation with the Global Coordinator. These network meetings are therefore a nice possibility to show up the respective region for the rest of the network. 

Annual Meeting

2022 Pfalz, Germany

2022 Latgale, Latvia (CH Study Tour) 

2021 Online (Pandemic)

2020 Online (Pandemic)

2019 Skåne, Sweden 

2019 Alanya & Gaziantep, Turkey (CH Study Tour) 

2018 Skåne, Sweden 

2018 Split-Dalmatia, Croatia (CH Study Tour)

2017 Wielkopolska, Poland  

2016 Oslofjord, Norway 

2015 Skåne, Sweden
2014 Kujawy I Pomorze, Poland
2013 Rügen, Germany 
2012 Pomorskie, Poland
2011 Sjælland, Denmark
2010 Skåne, Sweden
2009 Småland, Sweden
2008 Warmia Mazury, Poland
2007 Galicia, Spain
2006 Latgale, Latvia
2005 Öland, Sweden
2004 Aukstaitija, Lithuania
2003 Østfold, Norway

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