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Culinary Heritage Study Tours


Since the inception of our network, the Culinary Heritage Study Tours have been a cornerstone event, offering a platform for business members and network representatives to engage in knowledge exchange and foster connections in a congenial setting.

The appeal of these study tours has grown significantly, and in the post-pandemic era, we are committed to resuming these enriching experiences annually, targeting various regions. Additionally, we are excited to introduce specialized tours catering to specific interests such as cheese, beer, honey, and meat production, among others. These focused tours will be organised in geographical areas of relevance to our business members from various countries, enabling small group interactions for a deeply specialised experience.

The Culinary Heritage Study Tours offer unparalleled opportunities to immerse yourself in the industry, connecting closely with professionals who are keen to share their practices and culinary heritage. These exchanges not only enrich our understanding of intangible heritage and culture but also foster the exchange of ideas and influences between visitors and local practitioners. Participants can expect a lifetime of memories, characterized by a rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, history, culture, natural beauty, gastronomy, and local traditions. These exclusive experiences are meticulously curated for business members and representatives of the Culinary Heritage network.

Organized in close collaboration with our regional license holders, the study tours are designed to make every participant feel valued and welcomed. Our hosts go above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience, recognizing the invaluable feedback and perspectives that visitors contribute to our collective culinary legacy.

The 2019 program for
Culinary Heritage Study Tour 

Culinary Heritage Study Tour
Culinary Heritage Study Tour
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