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Culinary Heritage Study Tours


Next Culinary Heritage Study Tour is planned 19-21 October 2023 to Pfalz in Germany. Program will be ready during spring so save the date now! 

Already since the very beginning of our network activities one of the most important happenings each year were the Culinary Heritage Study Tours. At these study visits the business members and network representatives could practice exchange of knowledge and meet each other under more relaxed conditions.


The popularity of the Culinary Heritage Study Tours have increased and in the future - after the pandemic - we will arrange these "common study tours" as usual once per year to one of our regions but we will also arrange more specialised tours for certain interest groups.


These interest groups can consist of for example those just interested in cheese, beer, honey or meat production - just to mention a few of the topics we can see there is a need and demand for. During these more specialised study visits we will select geographical areas that are of interest for our business members from different countries and in small groups make very specialised tours! 


Culinary Heritage Study Tours provides You with unique experiences where you come very close to the people working in the "industry" as they are very eager to share their practices and culinary heritage at the same time as they get influence and ideas from the visitors. Getting to know the intangible heritage, culture and visit business members of Culinary Heritage network in truly gives experiences for life - be assured of that!

These days, full of flavours and aromas, provides the visitors a unique blend of history, culture, natural attractions, gastronomy and local customs exclusively designed and open only for business members and representatives within the network of Culinary Heritage.

The Culinary Heritage Study Tours are always done in close cooperation with our regional license holders and these official hosts do everything for their visitors to feel welcome as these kind of visitors are worth a lot since they really can give feedback regarding the "product"! 

The 2019 program for
Culinary Heritage Study Tour 

Culinary Heritage Study Tour
Culinary Heritage Study Tour
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