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Unity In Diversity

About Culinary Heritage

The Culinary Heritage network, established in 1995, has been at the forefront of advocating for a deeper appreciation and understanding of our culinary culture and traditions. The network emphasises the importance of knowing the origins of our food, the treatment of animals, the distinctive aspects of our food culture, and its natural evolution over time.

Originating from Sweden, this initiative quickly spread, marked by its distinctive and now internationally recognised trademark – the chef's hat with a knife and fork – which is registered with the International Culinary Heritage Centre in Latvia at EUIPO in Alicante.

Over the years, Culinary Heritage has blossomed into a significant movement spanning much of Europe, growing organically and sustainably. These two principles, organic growth and sustainability, are core to the network's philosophy and its approach to fostering a global appreciation of culinary traditions.

In 2021, Culinary Heritage took a significant step forward by expanding its reach globally. The network acknowledges that the issues it addresses and the values it promotes are of global importance, necessitating a united front through diversity and understanding.

Culinary Heritage firmly believes in the power of gastronomy as a means of diplomacy, friendship, and understanding among nations, cultures, and peoples. By celebrating our culinary heritage and culture, we can foster pride without diminishing the value of others.


Consequently, Culinary Heritage is dedicated to bringing together as many countries, regions, cities, and businesses as possible under the common goal of preserving and promoting our global culinary heritage.

HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

78 Culinary Heritage Regions
Since 1995

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