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Unity In Diversity

About Culinary Heritage

The Culinary Heritage network cooperation was inaugurated in 1995. The network and it's members highlights the needs and the ideas that we all should think about regarding our culinary culture and the traditions involved in food culture. Where the food is produced, how animals are treated, why our culture regarding food is in a particular way and how it develops and changes by time in a natural way.   

From the beginning the initiative came from Sweden and from there it spread further. Our beautiful and recognised trademark - the chef hat with knife and fork - is nowadays registered by International Culinary Heritage Centre in Latvia at EUIPO in Alicante. 


During the years the Culinary Heritage network has expanded to be a movement that cover big parts of Europe. The growth of the network in itself has therefore been organic and sustainable - two important words that goes through the philosophy of the ideas behind the network as well!


In 2021, Culinary Heritage decided to take the step to expand the activities further - since the network is ready for a global approach. The ideas behind the network and the topics we work with is a global concern and therefore a must have for being united through diversification and understanding.

We believe that the best diplomacy, friendship and understanding between nations, cultures and people goes through gastronomy as we in this way can be proud of our heritage and culture without diminishing others.  


That's why we strive to join as many countries, regions, cities and businesses with the same ideology under one common umbrella - Culinary Heritage!      

HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

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