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Culinary Heritage and World Food Travel Association Forge New Partnership

In a landmark move set to revolutionise the intersection of culinary heritage, local food production, and global travel, Sweden's Culinary Heritage has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the United States-based World Food Travel Association (WFTA) on 1st March 2024. This alliance marks a significant step forward in fostering global cooperation within the culinary and hospitality sectors.

The formal signing ceremony saw Niclas Fjellström, Global Coordinator for Culinary Heritage, and Erik Wolf, Founder of the World Food Travel Association, ink the agreement. Both leaders expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, recognizing the immense potential it holds for future projects and initiatives.

Culinary Heritage, known for its dedication to preserving and promoting local food cultures, brings a wealth of expertise in connecting culinary professionals and enthusiasts with the roots of regional cuisine. On the other side, the WFTA stands as a pioneering organization in the field of culinary tourism, offering resources, networking opportunities, and support for businesses and destinations around the globe looking to showcase their culinary heritage.

The synergy between Culinary Heritage and the WFTA is evident, with both organisations sharing a vision for a world where culinary heritage plays a central role in travel and hospitality. This partnership is poised to leverage the strengths of both entities to create innovative solutions and opportunities for stakeholders in the culinary, travel, and hospitality industries.

Niclas Fjellström, Global Coordinator Culinary Heritage
Niclas Fjellström, Global Coordinator Culinary Heritage

Key areas of collaboration will include joint research initiatives, cross-promotion of culinary destinations, sharing best practices from projects and the development of educational programs aimed at enriching the global community's understanding and appreciation of culinary cultures. Additionally, both organizations will work together to support local food producers and culinary professionals, providing them with the tools and platforms needed to reach a wider audience.

Niclas Fjellström remarked on the occasion, "This partnership with the World Food Travel Association represents a pivotal moment for Culinary Heritage. Together, we can amplify our impact, bringing the richness of the world's culinary heritage to the forefront of the global travel experience."

Erik Wolf, Founder World Food Travel Association
Erik Wolf, Founder World Food Travel Association

Erik Wolf echoed this sentiment, stating, "Joining forces with Culinary Heritage is a natural fit for the WFTA. Our shared commitment to celebrating and preserving culinary cultures makes us ideal partners in the quest to enhance the global food travel landscape."

The collaboration between Culinary Heritage and the WFTA signifies a promising future for culinary tourism, with both organisations committed to nurturing a deeper appreciation for the diversity and richness of global food traditions. As the partnership unfolds, the culinary, travel, and hospitality sectors can anticipate innovative projects and initiatives that will inspire travellers and food enthusiasts worldwide to explore and savour the flavours of the world.

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