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Cooperations & Partnerships

In a never ending developing environment of business and opportunities - existing brands and companies need to find new partners and possibilities. The same goes for a long-lived trademark and idea like Culinary Heritage as well.

The world is quite different in many ways - but in some way kind of returned to square one in other directions unfortunately in an uncertain present time - when the Culinary Heritage idea and trademark was created 27 years ago. As of today the trademark in itself is recognised and spread in a big part of northeast Europe by its business members that stand out when it comes to local food production and enrichment of traditional and cultural values.

The past months a lot of work have been done regarding new partnership constellations for spreading the ideas and the recognition of the trademark further in the Culinary Heritage stronghold country Poland. This is done primarily on daily basis by the around 800 business member located in Poland along with the regional license holders in the country.

Other initiatives to highlight the trademark and find new grounds are though done separately all the time as well on national level in this country. Just to mention some of the things that have been done recently is the participation by the Culinary Heritage Ambassador Witold Wróbel where the trademark has been introduced widely in new constellations notably in Europa Na Widelcu and Potato Poland.

Culinary Heritage took part in the 12th edition of Europa Na Widelcu (Europe On A Fork) in Wroclaw on the seminar part and as co-host in some of the competitions. The famous TV food critic Robert Makłowicz was in the centre of attention these days along with the tasty food and drinks the festival teased with in large proportions.

A partnership with Potato Poland has also been inaugurated this year. Potato Poland is an exhibition and conference event aimed at integrating the Polish potato industry, opening the Polish market to the world, transferring knowledge and technology to agricultural producers, and increasing the self-esteem of industry participants and their partners.

31st Economic Forum -“Europe in the Face of New Challenges”

Since some years Culinary Heritage has been represented at the biggest political event in Poland - the Economic Forum in Karpacz. The Global Coordinator Niclas Fjellström has since 2015 been invited to take part in different panels regarding food, tourism and culture at events organised by the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies.

This year it is the 31st edition of the conference that gathers some 4000 politicians and decision makers. The participants are mainly from Poland but with a lot of international delegates as well as it is here the lobbying and exchange of knowledge of great importance takes place on a "closed arena" for several days.

Culinary Heritage is very proudly joined in as a partner of this event for highlighting our important European network within food and culture as well of the trademark in itself. Taking part in the exchange of the experiences and ideas together with other panelists is for sure very developing for our own network as well.

All these efforts are done to highlight and strengthen the possibilities of sales for the Culinary Heritage business members and of course to spread the good ideas of the network.

For a future growth of the Culinary Heritage ideas and the network in itself it is very important to act on a wide basis to exchange knowledge and find strong cooperation partners.


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