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Smaki Regionow 2021

The newest Culinary Heritage region was represented, among others, by the bakery Anters.
Lubuskie, the newest Culinary Heritage region, was represented nicely. Here by the bakery Anters.

One of the most important food fairs in Poland was held in Poznan this past weekend since it was time for Smaki Regionow (Tastes of the Regions) again. Last year it was cancelled due to the pandemic but luckily things have fast gone better regarding the restrictions. It was a lot of people attending this year!

It was great to see happy faces in the stands serving and selling delicious products from all 16 regions in Poland to a huge crowd that we also could feel had a great pleasure to meet again. This event is very important in many ways as it also is a forum when high politicians from Poland can mingle and meet each others in an another way than usual.

There were a lot of Polish Culinary Heritage members representing the network so it was really hard for the spectators not to see, taste and feel the spirit of the Culinary Heritage sign at this occasion!

Smaki Regionow (Tastes of the Regions) is a really delicious and big food fair. Beside the fair in itself with representation from all Poland there is a lot of important side events and galas.

The gala awarding Wielkopolska Farmer Of The Year was very extensive - not only because it was the 20th edition - as the gala on Saturday also was a replacement for last years postponed gala. At the gala Wielkopolska Farmers Of The Year it was double editions of the event with an audience calculated in thousands - a great show for honoring one of the most important groups in our society - those who put food on our tables!

The farmers entrepreneurial spirit ranked the best of the best when it comes to environmental and economical sustainability, social entrepreneurship, machinery, technical development, innovation and diversification. Wielkopolska region is of great importance for the Polish production as the 3,5 million people inhabited region ranks first when it comes to food production in Poland.

On Sunday the food gala La Perla, where the best producers and their best products are selected according to traditions and taste. In total 80 producers where celebrated from all over Poland. It is so great to see these hard working entrepreneurs happiness when they get awarded!

One of the most important things happening on Monday were when Wielkopolska vice Marshal Krzysztof Grabowski and Culinary Heritage Global Coordinator Niclas Fjellström together handed out diplomas and enamel signs to the new business members in Dziedzictwo Kulinarne Wielkopolska (Culinary Heritage Wielkopolska) network.

The best of it all a weekend like this is to meet and talk to all nice entrepreneurs we have in the Culinary Heritage network and try all their tasty products. Big thanks to all Polish regions and their devoted business members for showing the audience great hospitality and create good emotions!💙


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