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Study Trip In Latgale Region

Culinary Heritage Study Tours makes an essential and important role for exchanging the knowledge and ideas as well as sharing values within the Culinary Heritage network. At these study visits the business members and network representatives can practice exchange of knowledge and meet each other under more relaxed conditions.

July’s sunny weather were welcoming business members and network representatives in Latgale region, Latvia this year. Latgale region has been a member of the Culinary Heritage 18 years.

During the study visits guests were offered to try local productions such as Latgalian moonshine drinks, home made beer crafted by ancestor traditions, local latgalian cuisine according to the season - freshly picked mushrooms, vegetables, wild meat, fish and berry dishes. Visit at the Bread Museum in Aglona, which is one of the kind in the Baltic States, and get a touch of Latgale region culture by trying a master class in a clay pottery and musical instruments.

Latgale is a region of the Lakes, that is the place where thousand of lakes are placed. The catch of the day were offered by the biggest Latvian lake, the Lubans Lake. The end of the tour took place with a nice city walk in the oldest city in Latvia - Ludza.

In Latvia they say: Best enjoyed slowly!

That reflects as well the living style in Latgale region, slow living, close to the nature, local and organically grown local production, heartfulness and hospitality of the locals. As the study tour guests marked that is place full of harmony and delicious cuisine!

"If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him... The people who give you their food give you their heart.” – Cesar Chavez

Culinary Heritage Study Tour - Visited Places

Šmakovka Museum - Excursion with Šmakovka degustation Daugavpils Restaurant Plaza at Park Hotel Latgola - Dinner & mingle Daugavpils

Excursion at Ecological Farm Kurmīši Ūdrīšu Excursion & Degustation at Krāslava Count Plater Castle Complex & Culinary Heritage Center Krāslava

Workshop - Latgale ceramic pottery at Craft Center Krāslava Lunch and excursion at Horse Ranch Klajumi Kaplava

Excursion at Museum of Happiness Indra

Latgalian dinner at Recreation Complex Lejasmalas Lejasmalas

Excursion at Aglona Bread museum Aglona

Excursion & beer degustation at Kolnosāta Kolnosāta

Lunch by Lake Lubāna at Farm Zvejnieki Lake Lubāna

Excursion & degustation at Balt Harmonia Museum of Šmakovka Gaigalava

Excursion & Dinner in Ludza – the oldest town of Latvia Ludza


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