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Project Preparations

Thanks to a grant from Swedish Institute (SI) for the seed money project BERT (Baltic Sea Food Flagship - Enhanced Rural Tourism Through Farm To Fork) a wonderful consortium of partners has been conformed during the last couple of months.

Some of the partners in the consortium have been working together for a long time while some are totally new relations. The necessity and value of people to people connections and relations are invaluable - especially in times like this in crisis by pandemic followed up by a war.

Culinary Heritage have acted as the international connection point within the project BERT and we were therefore very delighted and happy in general for Wednesdays meeting in Kristianstad, Sweden and in particular for the output from it.

At the meeting some more steps were taken for a big project application within the field of local food, tourism and rural development with the bearing parameters of sustainability, diversity and resilience.

During the meeting the future partnership was conformed for this particular project with organisations from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland & Sweden.

The meeting took place at Krinova Incubator & Science Park and they will also be the Lead Partner for this future project with the great support from the other organisations at place. It is very project experienced organisations taking part and we will come back more to the group after finalisation of the project application.

The new EU PA Tourism coordinators for the Baltic Sea Region will be one of the partners in the project - we are therefore very happy that Pomorskie Tourist Board is active in the project application as it can give other positive effects as well for future.

Other expertise from Poland was also at place in Kristianstad since the food tourism expert Hubert Gonera from Landbrand and the Culinary Heritage Ambassador Witold Wróbel took part in the meeting.


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