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Kastanjelund - A Hidden Gem

Kastanjelund is a picturesque estate dating back to the early 20th century, now run by Marinette and David Nordal since December 2008. This family-owned gem, nestled in Yngsjö, is known for its commitment to culinary creativity and local cuisine, earning the title of Young Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2010 for Kristianstad Municipality. The award recognized their innovative approach to running a classic inn by serving genuine food with a local flair in a beautiful environment, thus putting both Yngsjö and the entire municipality on Sweden's culinary map.

The estate boasts a rich history, originally built in 1907 by parliamentarian Anders Jönsson, and has served various purposes over the decades, including a mansion and an isolation hospital. By the 1960s, Kastanjelund had transitioned to a pension or inn, a role it continues to fulfill today, offering a blend of historical charm and modern hospitality.

Guests at Kastanjelund can expect a warm welcome and a stay that combines relaxation with culinary exploration. The restaurant prides itself on its menu that features a variety of dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients. For instance, starters may include a variation on scallops and a tartare of yellow beet, while main courses offer choices like back of skrei cod or Scanian deer, showcasing the region's produce and flavors.

Accommodations at Kastanjelund are comfortable and thoughtfully furnished, ensuring a pleasant stay for guests. The estate's location, with its proximity to both forest and sea, provides ample opportunities for recreation and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

For an updated and accurate depiction of Kastanjelund, emphasising its history, the Nordal family's stewardship, and its commitment to local cuisine and hospitality, would provide readers with a compelling overview of what to expect when visiting this delightful Swedish destination you need to pay them a visit - it will be enjoyable in all senses.

For more detailed information about their offerings and to experience the charm of Kastanjelund firsthand, visiting their official website is recommended - Kastanjelund.



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