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Aglona Bread Museum - Taste The History Of Bread

The Aglona Bread Museum, established by Vija Kuldiņa, offers visitors an immersive experience into the tradition and craft of Latvian bread-making, particularly focusing on Latvia's traditional rye bread. Kuldiņa, dressed in traditional Latgallian costume, welcomes visitors with folk songs and a greeting in Latgallian dialect, inviting them to explore the history of bread, learn about the baking process, and even try their hand at making their own loaf of rye bread. The museum showcases an extensive collection of tools and objects related to grain processing and bread baking, including flails, baker’s peels, and kneading troughs.

Apart from bread-making, the museum also provides visitors with the opportunity to taste Latgallian cuisine and offers various activities and workshops that celebrate festive occasions. The museum is not just a place to learn about the bread-making process but also serves as a venue for experiencing and appreciating the rich culinary heritage of Latvia. The hostess herself is very passionate about honoring the Latvian rye bread loaf, which is an integral part of the Latvian culinary heritage.

The museum has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists, offering a unique insight into Latvian culture and traditions. It is located in Aglona, Preiļu novads, and welcomes visitors by appointment, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience for everyone who visits​​​​.

For more detailed information, including how to book a visit and the museum's offerings, please check their official pages on



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