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Kvinna som förbereder mat
Skål med bär

Our Mission


We ensure you that whenever and wherever you see our trademark - the beautiful chef's hat - you will find products that are local and have a clear culinary tradition from the area represented. That's what we call gastronomic diplomacy  - under the name Culinary Heritage! 

Bread and Cheese
Fruit Pie

In every country, we champion and advertise Culinary Heritage as part of a unified global initiative. However, we recognize that the allegiance of our esteemed Business Members lies nearest to their local markets. This understanding underscores the significance of customizing the Culinary Heritage logo to include the native language, ensuring it resonates more deeply with each community. This approach not only honors the unique cultural identity of each region but also fosters a stronger connection between local traditions and the global Culinary Heritage movement.

The Local Networks

The Home Of

Pack of Barracudas
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