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Restauracja Stylowa

Restauracja Stylowa
Kujawe i Pomorze


ul. Wojska Polskiego 83 A


The Stylowa Restaurant is located in Świecie. As regards ethnographic aspects, Świecie is a city located in the Kociewie region, south of the Kaszuby region, west of the Warmia region and north of the Kujawy region. Therefore, the Restaurant menu includes traditional Polish cuisine and regional dishes of the Kociewie, Kujawy, and Kaszuby regions as well as Teutonic regional dishes. It includes several dishes with recipes, which have not changed for over 40 years. The restaurant menu is quintessence of taster of the Polish culinary tradition as well as examples of the best recipes of international cuisine. The variety and cyclical changes of dishes in the restaurant menu are effects of cooperation with local suppliers, who guarantee fresh and natural products, with training institutions, where cooks and waiters are Professional open to innovative and original solutions, with renowned European manufacturers of equipment, who supply the recent production solutions. The Restaurant cooperates with the Society of the Lower Vistula Valley Lovers, Kociewie Local Tourist Organisation and Bory Tucholskie Local Group of Activists. As flagship dishes of the restaurant include trout dishes, it participates in a campaign entitled TROUT NOW.


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