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Pasikonik Cezary Ćwil

Pasikonik Cezary Ćwil

+48 694479218

Kruszwicka 1e


Pasikonik is a family-owned local bakery, producing bread based on its own recipes, inspired by the recipes of Lucyna Ćwierczakowiczowa - an outstanding author of culinary books from the second half of the 19th century. This bakery specializes in baking whole-grain spelled bread. "Spelled bread with fruit", rye bread with spelled sourdough and cakes based on spelled flour with the addition of fruit and vegetables. The production of bread and pastry is a kind of manufacture. The spelled bread recipe is 100% based on spelled flour and spelled sourdough, which has earned the bakery recognition among customers and contractors. It conducts wholesale and retail sale to health food stores, small delicatessen and for own needs.


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