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Gospodarstwo Rolne i Sadownicze

Gospodarstwo Rolne i Sadownicze
Kujawe i Pomorze


ul. Kwiatowa 8


The farm has kept orchards with the area of 180 ha and been specialising in production of delicious ripe fruit for 50 years. It produces excellent natural apple juice. The juice is obtained from whole apples pressed and is naturally translucent. The product is manufactured without any preservatives, sugar or water. For the products fruit is used from the Klimkiewicz Agricultural and Horticultural Farm equipped with a modern cold store with controlled atmosphere. Owing to its experience, cultivation of good traditions, use of modern production and fruit storage methods, the farm ensures supplies of high quality fruit throughout the year. Apples are grown with the use of biological methods and in compliance with stringent principles of Integrated Fruit Production (IPO), which means that they do not contain any harmful substances, are subject to state inspection and their quality is confirmed by certificates.


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