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Fish Farm "Zielenica"

Fish Farm "Zielenica"


Malwowa 2


Fish Farm "Zielenica", Anna and Luke Skowrońscy was founded in 2001 on the basis of long-standing family tradition of farming fish. Ponds are located within the terminal moraines, hence the unique environmental conditions of water, spring water and a constant temperature of the water which gives the best results for breeding. Breeding takes place in two, independent, located on different sites watercourses trout: Lejkowo and Zielenica. Used for the production of the highest quality feed. Cultured fish we have high health status, are subject to constant monitoring of veterinary. A dedicated staff combined with the passion of work allows you to be proud of our work. We promote environmentally friendly system solutions, starting from organic farming conditions and the use of green office supplies ending. Our mission is to breed high quality, rich in health and flavor of the fish, the promotion of a greater culture of fish consumption as a source of conscious and healthy lifestyle.


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