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Trollklubben Barnehage

Trollklubben Barnehage


69 35 21 11 / 958 96 977 (kjøkken)

Råkollveien 107


Trollklubben kindergarten is owned and operated by Helle and Stefan Trygve Soos. The kindergarten was established, as a family day care in our home in April 1994. Today we are located in four different locations in Fredrikstad and all in all we have 54 skilled employees with us. Trollklubben avd Rolvsoy was established in 1998. In 2009 we re opened the business in after three years of reconstruction of the premises. We strive to be a sustainable business, through energy consumption, international cultural diversity firmly rooted in our culture and economic balancing of the business. Today we have 8 branches spread over 1,350 m2 of floor space. This also included a separate catering kitchen and separate dining room with 90 seats. We have 3 positions in the kitchen, which is also approved for apprentices. Our staff in the kitchen are Amplern Nilsen as kitchen staff member and responsible for finances. She is also responsible for daily supplementation of basic commodities and commodity allocation. Amplern has a master in business economics degree. She has worked at Lumberjack Co a company owned by Woodwalk Co. Ltd, Thailand for 15 years as Finance and Marketing Manager. Heidi Ravneng academic advisor and chef. Leader of the food groups in the kindergarten and responsible for procurement of local food products. She completed her apprenticeship at Borregaard Hovedgaard, Orkla Conference center. She has won Østfold Championship and Østlandscup for cook apprentices, and been rewarded highly in many international competitions. For several years she worked as a dessert chef at restaurant Statholdergaarden in Oslo and in Solvold in Sandefjord. Heidi has been a chef in Spiseriet Østfoldmat, Inspiria Science Centre. Stefan Trygve Soos, manager and chef has over 30 years experience in various branches of the food service industry. He is a qualified accountant, chef and kindergarten teacher. He has worked as chef and waiter at the Saga Hotel Sarpsborg, assistant manager at Vrådal Hotel, dept manager at Coop East Cafe Mosseporten. Soos has also worked together with Kurt Sverre Øraas for 25 years. Soos is co owner of Vertshuset Curtisen. He has educated children in healthy food at kindergarten level and he is genuinely interested in children's diet. Soos has the overall responsibility for kitchen operations and information about the local food products. In our kindergarten, we have a philosophy that we foster tomorrow's globetrotters. The idea is that a child will be curious to experience new food cultures not only locally and regionally but also globally. By letting kids participate from soil, water and "barn" to the table, we will give them an insight that all food does not come from the freezer counter in the store, but there are people behind, which ensures that we will have as good a food base as possible to experience the good meal. Through Regional Culinary Heritage, we can give children the good feeling that there are people who want them to experience this, not only by providing us with good ingredients, but also by letting the children see and participate in how it all turns into. At present we are working with Jens Martin Stenerød, Skjelin Farm, supply of pork. Skjeltorp brothers at Skjeltorp Farm, supply of potatoes and vegetables, and eggs from Brandstorp Farm. Haugsten Farm, Rolvsoy supply of lamb. Haugen Farm Onsøy, for even picking in season. Liveche chicken from Trøgstad. Brødr Ringstad for supply of beef. Askim Fruit and bærpresseri, for the supply of juice, cider and jams. Gla'laksen for the supply of fresh fish and shellfish.


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