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Welcome to Goldcity, We offer the ultimate in comfort A world of its own that sits on an area of 211.677 m². On the top of the hill sits the impressive luxury hotel which comprises Deluxe Rooms and Luxury Hotel Apartments / Suites. Within the hotel grounds there are clusters of beautiful villas and apartments. Goldcity is equally appealing for holidays and for residential use and we have a variety of freehold property types available for sale, including Detached Villas with private pool, Apart Villas & Penthouses or Luxury Hotel Apartments in the main building. Goldcity is a perfect place to holiday or to invest in your own holiday home. Real estate sales are being continued. Like a big city…
This magnificent complex is in an enviable location a short distance from the cosmopolitan tourist city of Alanya. It is set on a hilltop between the focal points of the mystically rugged Taurus Mountains and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. A setting of total tranquillity, with uninterrupted panoramic views of mountains, fruit plantations, the inviting calm of turquoise waters and the unforgettable image of the fabulously carved coastline of Alanya.


Goldcity Otel'e Hoşgeldiniz, Her anından keyif alacağınız bir tatil için 211.677m²’lik alanı ile Toros Dağları’nın eteklerine kurulu Goldcity göz kamaştıran yapısıyla bir otel, lüks apartman daireleri ve onların etrafında yine aynı güzellikteki villa ve dairelerden oluşuyor. Goldcity’nin aynı zamanda havuzlu müstakil villalar, dubleks teras katları ve lüks apartman dairelerinden oluşan çeşitli emlak ve mülklerinin satışı halen devam etmektedir.

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