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Dackebygdens kött

Dackebygdens kött

0495-309 10, 0704-86 77 40

Storgatan 18


Welcome to your meat shop. In the middle of the Småland countryside lies our Dackebygden meat shop. Dachshund meat is the good local option with manual meat dishes with meat from local producers. Now we also have an exciting delicatessen dish where you can choose between different kinds of cheeses, pies, inlets and other things. During the year you can buy beef, veal, pork and lamb from animals that have been eating in Småland. We also provide tips and advice on how to cook your meat. The shop also sells other traditional chark goods. Our cheeses are specially selected to give you a taste experience beyond the usual. Restaurants can also shop for Dachshund meat. Good animal husbandry and near-produced meat means that the animals have had a good life near our store. We are pleased to cooperate with several farms in our vicinity. Welcome Robert and Lena with staff.


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