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Bondens Butik

Bondens Butik


Sandgärdsgatan 1


Besides the cathedral in Växjö you will find the Farmer Store - Bondens Butik - All the local food love in the same basement! In close cooperation with local producers, the chefs of the acclaimed Vaxjo Gräddhyllan and Café de luxe runs this Farmer Shop - Bondens Butik. Our region is filled with amazing enthusiasts who dedicate their lives to produce cheeses, sausages, juice, flour, beer, beets and other goodies. We offer these treats both as they are and processed in our own kitchen. Our bestseller Surkorv Farmer and Farmer Chef Kaka have both been awarded the gastronomic award Matverk Småland! In the cozy room right next to Vaxjo Cathedral you can shop food directly from knowledgeable and passionate chefs who will share their knowledge over the shop counter. Welcome!


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