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Winnica Sydonia

Winnica Sydonia


Trezbiatów 2


The Sydonia vineyard is located on the border of the Szczecin Lowland and the Pomeranian Lake District in the village of Trzebiatów. The location in the postglacial embankment zone - near the Krąpiel river, post-glacial meshes and the Kiczarowski estuary gives wines an extremely regional character. The village where the vineyard is located until 1569 was owned by the Cistercian Sisters from Marianów. In the Marianów convent, a noblewoman Sydonia von Borck, who was accused of witchcraft and casting curses as a result of a lawsuit, was sentenced to beheaded and burnt at the stake. Labels on wines from Sydonia Vineyard refer to this story - Marianowa's print is visible on them, it was created in the years 1610-1618 with the Cistercian monastery. Bottles of the Burgundian type are a tribute to the Cistercians from the Burgundy region, who moved to the area of \u200b\u200btoday's Western Pomerania and instilled knowledge about viticulture and wine production. Sydonia wine is produced exclusively from vine varieties from own crops. The vines are grown in the backyard vineyard in the following varieties: rondo, regent, johaniter, solaris and muscaris. Each of the wines produced undergoes the certification process in the Provincial Trade Quality Inspectorate of Agricultural and Food Products and in its result a special number is given, which is placed on the wine label. The vineyard can be visited.


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