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Pracownia Pasieczna Staropolska Miodziarnia

Pracownia Pasieczna Staropolska Miodziarnia


Świeszewo, 64


In the beehive "Staropolska Miodziarnia" natural nectar honey and other bee products are produced, such as: pollen, feathers, wax and bee putty. The workshop continues the traditions that were initiated in the family in 1945 by Zygmunt, a military settler from Podolia and one of the first post-war beekeepers in the Gryfice commune. Zygmunt Kołosiński died in 2015 and the tradition of running the apiary continues his granddaughter Małgorzata Chabowska. Methods of honey production used in Pracownia Pasieczna "Staropolska Miodziarnia" are entirely directed to the preservation of a fully natural and in no way modified color, flavor, consistency and scent values \u200b\u200bof honey. The production process consists only of centrifuging uncoiled honeycombs and spilling the obtained product into sterile clean new glass unit packaging.


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