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Oleje Świecie

Oleje Świecie
Kujawe i Pomorze


Świecie nad Osą


J.A.W. Łącz s.c. is a family firm, which has manufactured cold-pressed linseed, rape and subnflower oil using best quality grains harvested on its own 160 ha since 1992. For 3 years, the family has been implementing a technology of Effective Microorganisms in the plant production, which allows for considerable reduction of yield-forming agents and simultaneous increase of the yield quality and quantity. Apart from oils, the firm also offers rape straw briquettes, deoiled milled hemp and qualified sowing materials. The very oil production process uses a worm cold press, which means that the temperature of seeds does not exceed 600C. Next, oil is conveyed to a sediment tank, where it is subject to the process of sedimentation. Following 10 days, oil is bottled without any additional operations and supplied to shops. This way in each bottle you can find the smell of earth and taste of passion of the Łącz family.


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