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Bee-keeping Farm "Miody chojeńskie" Jerzy & Elżbieta Klos

Bee-keeping Farm "Miody chojeńskie" Jerzy & Elżbieta Klos


14 Warszawska Str.


I became interested in beekeeping in 1978 as a young man. First, it was an adventure amateur, now professionally. He and his wife have 135 colonies located in three towns. With bee families leave for various benefits from which we obtain the honeys of the highest quality and exceptional values nutrients, np.miód wielkowiatowy spring, rape, acacia, lime and other honey. We are also raising the pollen collected by propolis and bee produced by these industrious insects. Our rewards are on Earth Chojeńskiej surrounded by many forests, meadows, fields situated in the buffer zone Cedynia Landscape Park. For many years, we supply honey to the orphanage. George Klos is the Master Beekeeping. He also completed a course for a court expert in the field of beekeeping and training - a specialist in hygiene control apiary bees diagnosing diseases.


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