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Skåne's Brochure For 2022 Ready!

Regional Matkultur Skåne - Culinary Heritage Skåne

Culinary Heritage Skåne - or Regional Matkultur Skåne as they say in Sweden - is very proactive when it comes to marketing and cooperation.

The group of business members share ideas and knowledge between each other to enhance the work at "home" in their respective business. Together the nowadays 68 companies strong group are doing some very successful initiatives together all over the region of Skåne.

One of the strongest impacts they give together in the area is the common brochure they each year is giving out to customers and tourists. The brochure is a way of communication not only for marketing but also as a guideline to other businesses with common values.

When you take a look in the attached brochure it isn't so strange that it is collected by the consumers and are used as a tour guide all over the region as there are a lot of gems to find when it comes to local food, culinary traditions and hospitality in general!

The region has been active in Culinary Heritage since the startup 1995 and it is not so strange since the network and its core ideas originated in this area once upon a time.

Culinary Heritage Skåne is a perfect example on how a food network can cooperate and act for economical, social and sustainable development within local food usage and tourism in the long term.


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