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Zespół Pałacowo-Parkowy Sypniewo

Zespół Pałacowo-Parkowy Sypniewo
Kujawe i Pomorze


ul. 29 Stycznia 45


The Palace and park Complex of Sypniewo is one of the oldest historical buildings of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province. It is located on rural areas of the town of Sypniewo in the commune of Więcbork. The palace was erected in the second half of the 19th century. It is surrounded by a large park with the area of nearly 10 ha and its preserved valuable species of trees. All rooms of the Palace for use of guests have old stylish interior with preserved equipment such as fireplaces or so-called Gdansk wardrobes. As archives contain a lot of information about the Palace, the restaurant menu refers to old traditions and Polish customs. It serves such old Polish cuisine specialties and various dishes such as pork neck in spicy sauce, Krajna style stew, old Polish style beef rolls and game meat dishes.


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