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Zespół Pałacowo-Parkowy - Pałac Brzeźno, Gradi - Krzysztof Gradecki

Zespół Pałacowo-Parkowy - Pałac Brzeźno, Gradi - Krzysztof Gradecki
Lower Silesia


Brzeźno 1


Brzeźno is a small village located just 30 km north of Wrocław among picturesque landscape full of green forests and secluded lakes. This place has a centuries-old tradition and rich history – first mentions of Brzeźno date as far back as 13th century. in 1999, private owners Marzena and Krzysztof Gradeccy decided to restore the palace to its’ old glory. Thanks to their efforts, the palace underwent long-time renovation, results of which are clearly visible and admirable today. Brzeźno palace was refurbished in order to create an extraordinary place that is consistent with the original architecture and forms a harmonious combination with the surrounding landscape. Due to the antique furniture and the elegant decor, the interiors of the palace kept its’ original atmosphere of a noble manor. Our restaurant offers you a brief but carefully refined seasonal menu consisting of your favorite national specialties. Valuing the centuries-old tradition, we combine proven recipes with a modern approach to the culinary arts. We make sure that all meals were always fresh and healthy, prepared from vegetables grown in the palace gardens as well as products from local suppliers. We invite you to taste our dishes in a beautiful, climatic interiors of the palace!


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