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Zeiselbacher Hof

Zeiselbacher Hof


Hirschhornring 53


Goat cheese and more! Untreated food from own production is our credo - milk and milk products, game, liqueurs, brandies, and products from the garden, fields, forest and meadows - natural, seasonal and regional! Our goal is a selection of high quality food without stabilizers, artificial preservatives or additives. Sustainable animal farming is of utmost importance for us and the base for the production of our milk and meat products. Fruit and vegetables from the garden and the orchards supplement our range. We have a small herd of dairy goats that is currently still growing. The animals are kept close to nature, and because goats can provide milk for several years, they are not covered every year. Our lambs remain in the herd or will be relayed for breeding purposes. Our meat comes from our own hunting - in our opinion the most sustainable form of meat production without mast, transport or use of medication.


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