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Zakład Wyrobów Wędliniarskich Paweł Nowak

Zakład Wyrobów Wędliniarskich Paweł Nowak


ul. Kościelna 12


Zakład Wędliniarski Paweł Nowak is one of few companies still cultivating deeply-rooted family traditions dating back to the beginning of 20th century. Making smoked meats is not just work for us - first and foremost it is an art and a passion. We spare no effort to provide our dearest customers with products made from best ingredients selected with great care. We cherish our long-lasting tradition as well as our reliable and fixed recipes. Thanks to the cold meats from Wąchock you can experience some excellent taste sensations. Our natural products are prepared according to traditional methods, according to knowledge passed from generation to generation, using only natural seasonings without artificial colourings or flavours. All of the above guarantee excellent taste and unique, unforgettable taste - the one from the good old days... Factors proving we gained recognition are not only loyalty and enormous trust of our customers, but also certificates and awards won in national competitions.


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