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Zakład Przetwórstwa Ślimaków - P.P.H.U. Eko Snails Garden

Zakład Przetwórstwa Ślimaków - P.P.H.U. Eko Snails Garden
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Krasin 16A


EKO SNAILS GARDEN is a family-owned company engaged in the production and processing of white caviar edible snails in the purchase and breeding winniczka. Poland's only producer of snails Mazury, ecological, confirmed certificate of conformity. We offer the highest quality Masurian snails dedicated to the HoReCa market, qualified for the European Network of Culinary Heritage. Polish producer of cosmetic creams based on pure snail slime. Innovation is not a choice, and the key to survival and development. With the knowledge and rich experience, the first in Poland, we want to develop not only the livestock sector, but also food and cosmetics sector, taking advantage of all the benefits offered by the snail. Since 2003, we try to combine tradition with modernity Polish cuisine, which for many consumers in Poland is still a snail on a plate. In Western Europe the consumption of shellfish and land entered the culinary tradition of cultural decline as the Roman Empire. While in ancient Rome mussels sea, such as oysters, omółek dining and cockle were unlimited source of meeting the nutritional needs of the poorer sections of the population, the land snails of the genus Helicidae, especially Burgundy snail and previously unknown in Poland snail gray of early aspirants to the role luxury food raw material. World Food World Association of Travel Association (Portland, Oregon USA) authority. Tourism food, Trekking Food awarded the 2017 Award for Farms Garden Snails in the category: FARMS & FARMERS 'MARKET EXPERIENCE!


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