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Zakład Ogrodniczy Piotr Sierpowski

Zakład Ogrodniczy Piotr Sierpowski


Osiek 56


The Gardening Plant is famous for its Osiek pickled cucumber – a product, which is registered at the List of Traditional Products kept by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The tradition of pickling cucumbers in Osiek go back to 1945. At the time, the oak barrels containing pickled cucumbers were dipped into the pond nearby, which was used as a natural cooler. Nowadays, the barrels with cucumbers are stored in cold stores. The cucumbers to be pickled are national well-formed soil-grown cucumbers. They are put into barrels together with spices such as: horseradish, garlic, dill, cherry leaves, and then poured over with brine. The final flavour and the crispness of the cucumbers results from the specific pickling method. The Gardening Plant also offers high quality of vegetables grown locally, i.e. cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower, beets, pattypan squashes.


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