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Zakład Cukierniczy Urszula Kinowska

Zakład Cukierniczy Urszula Kinowska

ul. Kopernika 15/1


The plant produces Kalisz wafers that are a Polish product registered in 2009 in the European Union as a “Protected Geographical Indication”, which proves the special and specific features of the product. Wafers have been produced in Kalisz for over 150 years. They owe their unique flavour to flour, oil and a bit of sugar, as well as lack of preservatives or flavour emulsifiers. The process of production of Kalisz wafers is almost a handicraft. It is carried out at the plant, always using the same equipment and maintaining technological regime; however, it is hard to obtain the same appearance of the finished product. Due to the fact that Kalisz wafers are handmade, absolute lack of automation and direct impact of a confectioner on the course of production, they are a specific, unique and unrepeatable product. Although all baked wafer flakes have common characteristics, virtually each of them is different. The plant has received many awards and distinctions, such as “Pearl 2005”, for the best regional food product awarded by the Polish Chamber of Regional and Local Products.


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