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Zajazd przy kominku

Zajazd przy kominku
Kujawe i Pomorze

0048 603 584 144

Wielki Głęboczek 19


The Inn is a hotel and catering facility located in the Brodnickie Lake District. Its target is to restore tasty and very healthy meat of the sturgeon in our diet. The sturgeon became an inspiration for restoration and promotion of old local cuisine of the Brodnickie Lake District. The cuisine of Zajazd przy kominku [The Inn] uses old recipes and natural raw products. Using local recipes, they restored, among others, poultry offal, various types of potato pancakes, salads made of their own grown vegetables, pickled and seasoned vegetables, the traditional Polish duck blood soup (czernina) or duck broth. In order to prepare their own baked products and dishes made of flour, they use forms typical of the local cuisine.


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