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Wyszak Browar Rodzinny

Wyszak Browar Rodzinny


ul. Mściwoja II 8


"Wyszak" The Family Brewery was created out of love for beer and passion for good cuisine. The restaurant itself took its name from the legendary Szczecin pirate, who in 1126 headed six ships with a raid to Denmark. The escapade ended, however, with defeat, and Wyszak was captured and imprisoned by the Danes. The brewery is located in the Gothic cellar of the 15th century Old Town Hall erected at the Market Square in Szczecin, in which the restaurant has been operating for short periods since 1867. The brewery offers several types of beer: pils - a light, mild, bottom-fermented beer with grain and bread aromas from Pilsner malt. Wheat - top-fermented beer, naturally cloudy and special beers - seasonal brewed beers - American Pale Ale, Stout, Porter and many more. The "Wyszak" brewery is also modern kitchen based on regional products of the highest quality. The chefs are passionate professionals who can combine traditional cuisine with the latest trends from the world of gastronomy.


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