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Winnice Kojder S.C. Artur, Anna i Marek Kojder

Winnice Kojder S.C. Artur, Anna i Marek Kojder


Babinek 30


The "Kojder" vineyards are located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, near Szczecin. More specifically, they are located in the village of Babinek (Bielice commune). The fact that the vineyards lie in Otulina Szczeciński Landscape Park - Puszcza Bukowa, gives this place a unique one and a unique microclimate. The geological structure of the area on which the vineyard is located is due to the youngest Pleistocene glaciation. The area of the Bielice commune is made up of post-glacial uplands of the bottom moraine, which is built by sandy boulder clay. In some places, glacial clay is covered by glacial postglacial sands. Vineyards grow so on the picturesque hills, whose interior conceals a rich richness of flavors remaining after the Scandinavian glacier. The vineyard is constantly growing. The first 2 hectares of vineyard were founded in 2015, a year later two more were planted. In the future, a gradual increase in the growing area is planned. Mainly in the vineyard are grown white grape varieties. Currently, the plantations grow such strains as: Solaris, Souvignier Gris, Muscaris and Johanniter. In addition, red varieties are also grown - Prior and Cabernet Cortis.


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