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Szczepanowice 215


The Zadora Vineyard nestles in Szczepanowice by the Dunajec River and it is reconnecting with the wine-making tradition of that region. The former vineyard with long-standing tradition, owned by the Chrzastowski family of Zadora coat of arms, was totally destroyed during the First World War. The present vineyard was set up in 2007. It is situated on a slope with gradient close to 10%, south-facing exposition, at an altitude of 280 m above sea level. The land under vines covers the area of 0.5 ha, with 2000 shrubs currently grown. These are grafts for making white wine, such as Johanniter, Phoenix, Solaris and for rose and for red wines: Dornfelder, Regent, Rondo. Harvesting is immediately followed by the production process. It is carried out according to the best principles of making white, rose and red wines. Grapes undergo milling, pressing, maceration, and yeast addition. The quantity of harvested fruit is strictly limited. The best selection of grapes from each shrub is traditionally made by hand.


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