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Winnica nad Jarem

Winnica nad Jarem


Złota 161


Nad Jarem Vineyard is a family-run wine estate of Sylvia and Matthew Paciurów located on the plot in the village Złota near Sandomierz. It is located in the Sandomierz Wine Region historically linked to the cultivation of the vine. Areas in the vicinity of Sandomierz are characterized by a special microclimate, a long frostless period, fertile soil and the right terrain. All these factors favor the cultivation of vines and production of high quality wines. It is derived exclusively from their own crops, with one hundred percent of grape juice without adding water and sugar. The viveyard produces dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet wines with red and white grape varieties such as Bianca, Hibernal, Odessa Muscat and Regent, Rondo and Zweigelt. The owners began the adaptation of existing buildings for the winery with a tasting room.


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