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Weinstube Kirchstübel

Weinstube Kirchstübel


Kirchstrasse 9


Dear food- and wine lovers, We love cooking and baking - and to serve you homemade meals. Our highest priority is to work with products of best quality and freshness - at all times. Therefore, our basic menu is focused and relatively short. Which leaves us room for fun, by always adding extra dishes on our "seasonal special list". Our wine list reflects the diversity of the Pfalz. You will find a large number of very well known wineries - but also new discoveries and tips. We are convinced that the young generation of winemakers, standing for innovation and unlimited commitment to produce wines of superb quality, is continuously increasing the entire regions reputation. All wines listed "by the glass" in our wine menu are available for you to taste and enjoy in 0.1l size glasses - as well as in the traditional Pfalz size of 0.25l. The members of our cooking team are: Urs or Mara with Flo, Rebecca, Adrian, Marco, and Richard. The service crew alternates between Sonya, Nanni, Selina, Marlene, Lukas, Flo, and Titian. Drinks are served by Sonya, Jelena, Vincent, and Marlene. We very much look forward to welcoming you at Kirchstübel :) Sincerely, Sonya Kubinyi


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