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Weingut A. Christmann

Weingut A. Christmann


Peter-Koch-Straße 43


ABOUT US Charismatic wines driven by great passion. Noble growths that achieve top ratings. Precious drops for bon vivants, with nature’s blessing. These are the hallmarks of Weingut A. Christmann. For generations, our family has lived for its passion - wines that are at once pure, authentic, and outstanding. Complacency is taboo. Ever striving to be a little bit better. Zeal that can be felt and tasted with every glass. Be it a simple Gutswein (basic house wine) or a Grosses Gewächs (great growth). OUR FAMILY & TEAM The human touch is inherent in every noble drop of wine. Not only in those who enjoy wine, but above all, in those who "bring the drops to life." Today, two generations of Christmanns carry on in the tradition of the founders by devoting all their experience and know-how to growing grapes and making wine. They do so with great passion, enthusiasm, and dedication. A passion that’s infectious. From technician to worker to apprentice, every member of our team is totally committed to bringing forth the finest wines possible. BIODYNAMIC VITICULTURE As wine-growers, we’re closely connected with nature and seek to intensify this relationship and treat nature with respect in all that we do. This is all the more important for those who cultivate their vines biodynamically. We make certain that our soils are rich in vital humus, and encourage biodiversity in our vineyards to avoid the negative impact of monoculture. We rely upon our vines’ innate immune defense and natural plant protection measures. In addition, our work is geared to the phases of the moon. Our goal is to produce the the finest, highly individualistic, and most authentic wines possible by bringing vine/site/climate/soil into harmony with one another. THE VINEYARD The vineyard is the key to a high-quality wine. As winemakers, we feel it’s of the utmost importance to bring out the authentic character of our vineyards in such a way that it can be tasted in a wine. Equally important is a harmonious balance between man and nature. As such, we use natural viticultural methods that foster biodiversity in our vineyards. It goes without saying that herbicides, insecticides, and synthetic fungicides are taboo. Above all, we believe in working by hand. Canopy management and picking are done manually. Fine wines with character are hand-crafted, not mass-produced. In short: we strive to achieve the highest quality possible by using the vineyard’s natural resources OUR CELLAR Passion, attention to detail, and time are indispensable to making a good wine. Things like transporting whole clusters in small containers; gentle, slow pressing under low pressure; preliminary clarification through natural sedimentation; slow fermentation with natural yeasts in traditional oak casks or stainless steel tanks. In addition, young wines do not undergo any treatments and we filter our finest wines only once. Procedures for red wines include traditional fermentation on the skins and lengthy aging in cask. They are not filtered prior to bottling. Although this all entails time, remember the race between the tortoise and the hare…we’re way out front with wine enthusiasts and critics alike. For years, our wines have numbered among the best of the Pfalz or all of Germany, year for year.


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