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Weinessiggut Doktorenhof

Weinessiggut Doktorenhof


Raiffeisenstr. 5


Our ancestors were all farmers: grains, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, wine and livestock were what always shaped their lives. Many hands sowed these fields, worked them and harvested the fruits of the earth - year in, year out. That's what we want to continue at the Doktorenhof. Our grapes grow and prosper from the work of our hands and the benevolence of nature and the Creator, according to old rules and traditions passed on for generations. Our Doktorenhof is a small artisanal shop crafting "sour elixirs". Our vineyards are located near the village and our meadows, fields and vineyards are farmed with natural methods. Through slow cultivation, with lots of joy and love and traditions handed down from many generations, we are trying to craft unique and special vinegars characterised by power, richness and nobility. Doktorenhof, the home of vinegar, is a fulfilling calling for our family and the others who help us on the farm. Enjoy the work of our hands and the fruits of our labour: vinegar.


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