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Weinbau Haass - Winery Hambacher Freiheit

Weinbau Haass - Winery Hambacher Freiheit


Eichstrasse 50


We produce high quality wines and protect the environment and nature. Our main varieties are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Regent. Each wine is a product of individual character and is made in stainless steel tanks and/or oak barrels. Our philosophy is: "Time for wine and people!" Our vineyards are located at the foot of Hambach Castle, the Deutsche Weinstrasse (German wine route) leads through our village Hambach. With our wines, we want to contribute to a friendly, solidary neighbourhood with the peoples and thus people in a unified, free, social and democratic Europe of the citizens. Our wines tell the story of the liberation movements in the Rhine Palatinate, Germany and Europe. At the Hambach Festival of 1832 political demands for a confederated, republican Europe were first raised. 30,000 people, for the first time women, from the German states, from Poland and France, came to a European freedom and friendship festival on the Schlossberg. The idea of a honest and lasting friendship between the peoples and thus Europe was born ...! Experience our wine tasting with a historical touch and discover the history of the Palatinate and Europe. Welcome, Yours, Ludwig Adamé Haass


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