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Wasgau Ölmühle - Gläserne Ölmanufaktur mit Hofladen Hollerbusch

Wasgau Ölmühle - Gläserne Ölmanufaktur mit Hofladen Hollerbusch


Turnstrasse 12a


Wasgau Ölmühle - Transparent oil mill and farm shop From the autumn of 2019 you will experience the art of craft oil extraction up close in our transparent factory. ... see ... feel ... taste ... smell ... experience ... See how oil is produced in a natural way. Feel how the raw materials feel and how to make oil by hand. Taste our delicious, natural and organic food-oils, products from our oil press cake and other Palatine specialties in the affiliated regional farm shop Hollerbusch. Experience the different characters of the smell of oils Learn .... which oils and fats are healthy and which are not .... more about the history of oil extraction .... why do we rely on organic oilseeds .... the difference between industrially and naturally produced edible oils In our integrated farm shop Hollerbusch - Pfälzer Kostbarkeiten we offer in addition to the direct sale of our fresh oils over 700 other regional specialties. From apple juice to goat cheese, you will find noble brandies & liqueurs, products from orchards, pesto, spreads, honey, vinegar specialties, craft beers, sausage specialties, chocolate and pralines, as well as wines, gin and whiskey. And all from the Pfalz. Admission incl. sampling is possible at any time during our opening hours. Guided tours are held every Saturday at 10:30 am without registration or by appointment. Further information about our tours can be found on our website. Welcome, The Hollerbusch family and the oil mill team


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