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Welcome to taste the following: Soured milk - Is, that it sounds, made directly in the bowl. We use our lowpasteurised milk and lactic acid which provides a fine sweet and sour taste. The cream is like a lid on the surface, stir it into the soured milk which then becomes creamy and soft, or enjoy it as it is. Milk - "The tastiest milk we have tasted," is a regular review. Cream - To get a real cream with the right fat content is a difficult art. Crème fraîche - Having once tasted a homemade creme fraiche, it's hard to go back to the traditional. Butter - Leavened several days with delightful results. Mozzarella, grilled cheese and a small soft putty cheese will be ready just in in time for summer 2017. An early sunrise over Vitaby kyrkby rolling hills on Österlen is a sight that remains. The Church was founded in the 1100s at the ancient and vital Vitaby source. The soil at the farm just below the church bell has been farmed by the same family for nine generations. Nowadays, the dairy farmer Anders ensure that cows get everything they need, and grow their winter feed on the hilly fields down the sea. The 70 milk-carrying Holstein cows graze the fresh grass that hardly gets greener than right here, the animals live there half the year and in winter they move freely inside the barn. They drink the cool spring water that is part of the explanation of why the farm milk is so good. That there would be dairy out of everything one day was perhaps written in the stars. Or at least in the local histories. Cecilia's grandmother was named Hulda Rask and worked as a youth in Southern Mellby dairy. There, she learned to manufacture local cheeses and took the knowledge home with them when toddlers life called. The memories of homemade soured milk and butter, and quite tart and properly salted cheese is still alive in the family. The grandchild Cecilia has always loved cheese and dreamed to refine their own favorites of the farm's milk. At first she will concentrate on fresh products such as soured milk, cream and crème fraiche. She also recreated grandmother Hulda soured milk that has a tangy freshness out of the ordinary. By summer 2017 there will be mozzarella, grilled cheese and a soft putty cheese - the first cheeses from Vitaby village dairy. Holstein cows milk has the perfect balance of protein and fat just for cheese production. The cows will go out as they want half the year. The biggest of all cows is "Pippi Longstocking", an imposing lady of nearly a thousand kilos, and has actually stopped milking. But she is still a part of the company. This cow was the daughter Miranda's own cow, named after the black and white patterns reminiscent of Pippi Longstockings horse. So she had to be there, and be the meadows own Grand Old Lady. However, she does some benefit, because for some reason no heifers will run away anomore when the proud "Mamma Moo" is there with them at the field.


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