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Milna 3,Vis


Vis is an island of wine and as such has been remembered since ancient times. Wine is for all Vis people and also for those who feel at home here, it is a focul point of life. Or as the Romans used to say: Vinum deficit omnia deficit. (No wine, no nothing) New Year's Eve begins in September on the island of Vis, when the harvest begins. The first variety to be harvested is the BUGAVA and last the plavac which is eagerly awaited even up to the end of October. All those finding themselves on the island of Vis during this fifty day harvest period will experience the island in all its authenticity: its people and its land. BUGAVA is the most famous wine brand in Vis, it is a well-known wine of made from the variety of white grapes of the same name and is recognizable for its sweet taste and rich fullness. For this reason it is often a pity to eat whilst drinking it. Although the grapes of PLAVAC MALI from Salbunis widely known for its sweet taste, on occasion the bugava has been known to outshine it. However, Vis' PLAVAC an excellent wine of the oldest known variety of black grapes, plavac mali, is that about which the Greek chronicler, Agarthid from Knid wrote in 300 BC saying that when "compared to all others, it is the best wine". And indeed, nowhere, like PLAVAC with its sandy terrains in eastern Vis, can such an intense flavour of wild almond be felt. Perhaps the thought of drinking the same wine as Agarthid makes us unconsciously think about other PLAVAC wines and look for traces of this recognisable Vis taste in them.


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