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Wysowa - Zdrój 149


Spa treatment and rest in Wysowa - Zdrój hold traditions dating back to the eighteenth century and it also received status as a Spa in Wysowa in 1882. By the end of the nineteenth century the company exploited water from seven different springs and used it for bathing, showers, inhalations, and drinking cures at the Spa, as well as bottling it for sale. Uzdrowisko Wysowa S.A. has been operating since 1959, focusing on spa treatment and rehabilitation and production of a mineral water, a healing water, as well as different kinds of sodas. Uzdrowisko Wysowa S.A. has received many awards and honors, like: - Gazelle Business (2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015) - Forbes Diamond - Custumer Laurel - "Wysowianka" - Regional Specialty -„Wysowianka” - Gold medal at the trade show Healthy Life and Food –„Henryk”, „Józef” and „Franciszek” - Healthy Taste Diploma –„Wysowianka” - Gold medal at the Katowice International Fair –„Józef”, „Henryk” and „Franciszek” - Diabetica Expo 1st place –„Henryk” - Main Award at the trade show HoReCa GASTROFOOD -„Wysowianka – Zdrój”

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