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Tradycyjnie Robione

Tradycyjnie Robione


ul. Zamoście 30


From the very beginning we have created the entire bread brand that relates to promotion of our region. Our bread in stores, is presented on wooden shelves, decorated by folk artists with a well known Opole’s beautiful flower pattern. The bakery building, cars and bread packaging are also decorated with the same flower pattern. Breads from Krasiejów are baked in ceramic ovens, reconstructed on the pattern of furnaces commonly used in villages in the interwar period. The entire machinery park from the 1970s has been preserved, with a small modernization. We bake our breads using the traditional method. The dough is based on natural acids, which gives a unique aroma. The use of ceramic stoves fired with coal, allows for a longer freshness of bread, it does not crumble during cutting, and has a unique, peculiar taste. We do not add any artificial "additives" to our real bread. Our products are: wheat-rye bread, rye bread, graham bread and wholemeal rye bread, all on natural sourdough.


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