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TeSO Tłocznia Soków Owocowych

TeSO Tłocznia Soków Owocowych


Kolonia Kokanin 10


The tradition of producing cold-pressed fresh-fruit Home-Made Juices and Nectars has been passed from one generation to another. These are unique juices produced entirely from fresh fruit and only during the harvesting period. No pre-stored or frozen fruit may be used. All fruits are reaped manually and come from controlled plantations in the Wielkopolska region (except for raspberries, which come from Kujawy plantations). Owing to the technology based on the use of the layer press, as well as wicker and natural-fibre separators, the juices preserve all the original fresh fruit-specific properties. This technology does not allow the use of any modifying additives, such as preservatives, clarifying agents, antioxidants, or artificial aromas.


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