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Stora Tollby Trädgård AB

Stora Tollby Trädgård AB

0498 - 360 25 eller 0703-462651

Fole Stora Tollby 630


Farm shop Stora Tollby Gård produces vegetarian food in Gotland´s mild, sun-rich and naturally lime-rich soil. The company is specialised in potatoes and vegetables. In co-operation with competent personnel and a number of farmers on Gotland, the company delivers naturally washed, size-sorted potatoes of the highest quality. Ten different types of potatoes are on offer. Stora Tollby Gård has an all year-round open farm shop with potatoes and vegetables. The farm grows 100 different things. All growing takes place in accordance with the environmentally friendly system REKO and IP. The wastewater, waste and soil go quickly, via short circulation, to the arable land and animal feed. The company is open to study visits. Products: Washed and packed potatoes such as Annika, Asterix, King Edward, Mandel, Blå Congo, "asparagus potatoe"and more. Onions, red onions, small onions, carrots, parsnips, celery etc. In the farm shop you will find most vegetables during the season such as asparagus, salad, 10 different kinds of onions, cucumber, corn, cabbage, dill, parsley, marrow, spices, fresh and dried flowers etc. Welcome to Stora Tollby Gård! Road direction: Stora Tollby Gård is situated on road 147 towards Slite, just a 10-minute drive outside Visby.


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