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Stawy Milickie S.A.

Stawy Milickie S.A.
Lower Silesia


Ruda Sułowska 20


Pond farming and management has been present in the vicinity of Milicz in Lower Silesia since the beginning of the eleventh century. The Order of Cistercians, who settled here in 1136, have built more than 2000 ha of ponds, but the most rapid development of fish farming falls for the sixteenth and early seventeenth century. During this period there was 8443 ha of ponds in Milicz alone, all suited for the production of freshwater fish, mainly carp. A long tradition of aquaculture is continued here for over 800 years. Currently, the ponds are being managed by Stawy Milickie SA, also responsible for the Milicz Carp and other freshwater fish production. The Milicz Carp is a local variation of carp cultured in the Barycz river valley from the Middle Ages. The Milicz Carp has a very shapely, contoured look with a distinctive spine and regular scaling with features common to the King Carp. Besides the traditional carp, which is our main product you can find other fish in our assortment, such as: catfish, sturgeon, pike, tench, grass carp, silver carp, crucian carp and perch. Additionally, the company runs commercial fisheries for avid anglers, taverns serving smoked and fried fish and bike rental agencies. Stawy Milickie SA control five factories divided into two groups: East (Krośnice, Potasznia, Stawno) and West (Radziądz, Ruda Sułowska). The company operates in an area of unique natural values – within the borders of “Stawy Milickie” Nature Reserve, the area of Natura 2000 ecological network, and the Barycz Valley Landscape Park. We are also the only ones in Poland belonging to the Living Lakes network.


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